Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finally in 3yrs... i was on-duty. One of my friend included my name in that OD proforma and
i was taken in.

We went to that college where events are held. and We chose Gaming. It was the first time in my life i'm playing this strike game on a good PC. We were "The Avengers". The other two on my team know a lot about this strike game. It was kind of hide seek game. But the difference is "there are many seekers and there were as many hiders as well and everyone had guns!!! If u find a seeker kill him with whatever u have or else he will..!!! One of my friend gave this 5min crash course about the simple shortcuts in the game and i had no choice i have to buy it and also i have to buy guns!

Game started. I was in, and within a few secs i was shot right on my head. I went cold. Whenever my friend asked to cover him This was the only two words i spoke "man down". They shot me thrice... yes on my head. They called it the prestigious "head shot". The Game was OVER by that time. and we were OUT of competition.! Still i wonder what went wrong.! I'm still cold.