The Dream

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I have this friend who remembers every single detail that he sees in his dream, like the color of t-shirt he wore, when he robbed a guy. He is the only person I know who has seen his face in his own dream... I wondered why I can’t give detail like that. But there is this one short section in my dreams which never changes. Like Kenny getting killed in almost every episode of South Park. I don’t get killed though. Here is the monotonous section. I’m either running or standing still. After a few seconds I feel like I’m in floating in air and when I look down all I see is a deep ravine which is lush green or a deep well which has no water... I go down all the way... I can feel the air tunneling through my ears so fast as if would break my ear drum... a Chilling sensation passes through my spine, my heart starts pounding. All of a sudden I’m cold. Am I dead..? No. I just rolled myself down from my bed.

As I told that my ability to not remember details from my dreams, it’s not true anymore. I had this one dream yesterday. Here it goes ‘It was cold outside. I had Sidney Shelton’s ‘Nothing lost forever’ in my hands, by the fire place. The clock read 3. I’m not sure which 3 it was am or pm. I don’t care really. I was thirsty. I stood up and looked at the dimly lit hallway in front me which was dark at its very end. That’s the place I don’t dare to go, just because it was dark. Then it happened, the refrigerator started making that fizzing noise. I hate it. It always kept ringing in my ears, so it started. Finally all the fizzing stopped. “Ah.. the goodness of a place void of noise from that freaking fridge” I said to myself. I don’t know when and how I returned to my chair; I was already there with a bottle in my hands. Now I know why they say “you’ll never know how you got there if it kept ringing in your ears”. I heard someone knocking at the door. It was her. My high school sweet heart. She is this cute girl with cute eyes. When I say eyes, now I remember how I turned into that person who had not even anything say, cuz I spend all of my time around her trying to figure out the color of her eyes. Powder blue or sky blue, I still haven’t figured that. I closed my eyes, just to make sure I don’t get lost again. I took a deep breath.

I can feel the breeze, Wait a min where am I? I was standing on a hill now, and I could see a lush green valley. Not this time you green monster! Someone caught hold of my hands. It’s her. She dragged me down the hill. On our way “we are late already”, She said. Late, For what?! Now I knew what she was talking about. There was this large pool and the deal is, you should carry in your date arms to the other end of the pool without dropping her. I laughed at the guys who had dates, in my mind. I knew this wouldn’t be big task as my sweetie is a slim beauty. Oh she is so... when I was about to drift into my world, she slapped me right back to reality. "Now listen to me. Take me to the other side of this pool and you could wander in your world for the whole day", She said. So it started. The water level didn’t even make it to my waist. But it started to become less shallow as we moved further. It took only and hour and half. My girlfriend took a nap in this meantime, in my arms and I love watching her, breathing in and breathing out. Ah… It was a dream come true. The water level was just a few inches below my neck. Thank god!, we made it to the finish line. I lifted her to the pool side. She looked so..

All of a sudden I heard some one screaming behind me. Now What?! “Look out for deep wells”. What? Why would they have well in a pool? Who would do such as thing? “There are many of them near the finish line”. I just slipped into one of the wells, which was the reason for all the yelling. I regretted, I should have attended those swimming classes. Now I know what was happening. The part of my dream which repeats itself, is trying to drown me now. My ear went dumb as the water started gushing into my ears. I felt cold the same way I’d before. Am I dead? No. My sis went for the last resort, a bucket of water to wake me up. Now i knew why the well had water.