Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whats with these people anyway?

Some talk with you all the time. They annoy you. They make you yell "could you be quiet for sometime" but you cant live in the absence of that same headcracking continous stream of speech. Without even you knowing this person has kept your spirit up. Weird.

A Few, they show up when you need them aka a friend in need. Problem solvers. Advisors, well they do not follow it themselves they still go for it. We need them. Every one has problems. Selfish

Well, You like to talk with some, but they are too good for you. They are busy. " Can i talk with you for a second?" "No i'm busy", and they later text you "sorry dude, had a important work to do". These guys are nodders. When you spot them outside, they just nod. When some asks them" is he your friend?", "yes he is. didn't you see i nodded. we dont talk. we just nod". You're still friends with your fingers crossed hoping someday they may have time to spend with you later. Hope

The interesting of all, the mutual non spoken friends. You hang out with each other all the time. You know each other very well. You even know what he's about to rant next, you just keep your mouth shut just to see if your intutive abilities are still working good. Rapport

Still, i need to be surrounded by all these people to remain sane and in my senses.