Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Everyone knows, if you buy a cheap earphone, one plug in the pair will stop working in a few days. The day came. The next day i woke up trying to recollect my dream. No good. Brought back the computer from standby mode. Utorrent 1.5 GB downloaded. No Good. I'm still the sleepy-walky zone, i forgot that i still have the stereo which is now on a mono mode . Clicked on the Windows media player-> playlist-> Shuffle-> play. The very first song James Blunt - Same Mistake. My friend hooked me up with this song. Too Good. I'm slightly monoaural in the morning. I took a ear bud and moved it towards my right ear to plug it in. Half a way the malfunctioning earplugs flashed before my eyes. I cannot stop now, its too close, i prayed 'God let this be it'. Fraction of seconds later "So while i'm turning in my sheets"..... Luck!

Fixing a wooden cupboard

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Its a wooden cuboid closed completely on all sides. But on one of the lengthier face, the wood split half right in the middle and It had hinges and swayed, single way. One of the bolt is off the wood. I also acknowledged a broken worn out wooden piece inside the cupboard.

From the condition of the cupboard and the tools i had i concluded that i cant fix it with my current possession. So, i surfed. Its the easiest way to find what you actually require for the job to be done. I never knew where to start then i found this website wikihow. It had this Home and Improvement section.
Unlike other websites then don't just provide you products they provide you with every minor detail you should know about the product.

I finally narrowed down to a power drill, a saw not the big one which they use to cut Large trees. But the tiny electric ones. I also needed a few hand tools to tinker with the worn out cupboard. I started with the Hinges. I had cordless power drill it was very exciting to work with all these tools from which i was banned when i was kid. The cupboard was fixed in no time. With all the accessories fixing the cupboard is fun after all.

Reverse Psychology

Friday, July 17, 2009

It was dimly lit avenue. The sound of the rusted crank set produced a periodic screeching sound echoing through the silent night. There was absolutely nothing going around. Everything was still and mute except for the cold breeze producing a light hizz as it reverberated my ear. The break pad now had a tight hold on the rim, An involuntary brake. I can hear her from a distance. She was marking her boundaries with a confrontational howl. I recollected. She gave birth to two cute puppies a couple of days ago. She is paranoid about Humans stealing her loved ones. She lived under a shade of stairway of a individual house. Ever since she gave birth, none passed by house without being chased or being barked at. If it was pedestrian she would tail slowly behind them to a certain vicinity from the house. If it was anyone who rides a bike or bicycle, they will have to lift their feet up and keep it on the top tube or tank, to avoid a torn pant. I been there i have had my feet on the top tube. I started pedaling again. My forehead broke a sweat. I was in the danger zone. She came running out mad as ever, barking. Then i did something which i'm still unsure about how if felt when i did it. I got down, then yelled "Adi serruppaala naye" roughly translated "Do you have a problem bi***ch". She stalled i can see the change in expression on her face. Fear crept into her eyes. She backed off and ran to her puppies. I'm "barked at" free since then. I hope some day she will tell her kids the scary story about that one time that how a random two legged creature barked back at her and she chickened out. Reverse Psychology, it works on a K9 sense too.

Michael Jackson Ghost Mystery Solved

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Wish..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I wish the picture would jump out of the screen to life, so i could play with it, get exhausted and die when i'm so.

My Long Days..

Friday, July 3, 2009

Its been really boring since i stopped visting college. The first few days of it was just awesome. I was actually happy that i dont have to go there again. Untill i realised that there has been a sharp change in the routine. To precise i had no routine at all. Honest to god i had times when i actually did nothing. Literally nothing, i just sit down and stare at the wall. Just when i thought i had something to do the next moment i forget and start staring at the computer monitor again.

The aimless wandering prevails, when in log into my mail empty spam empty trash empty inbox. I tried to create a routine. It has got the mail emptying in it with watching downloaded movies, sitcoms, Listen to songs in a really old dusted up speaker.

If you have read the above Some would be like go get a life. I have done enough blaming me. What about the people around me. Man they are more screwed up than i am. You cannot infer a postive note from a there sentences ever. They still make you go sober and loathe yourself for not having the routine which you had when you were in college, not listening to the class, making fun of others, being made of fun of, chatting when the professor is facing the other way. God i hate it! Hoping these Long days end soon.