Fixing a wooden cupboard

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Its a wooden cuboid closed completely on all sides. But on one of the lengthier face, the wood split half right in the middle and It had hinges and swayed, single way. One of the bolt is off the wood. I also acknowledged a broken worn out wooden piece inside the cupboard.

From the condition of the cupboard and the tools i had i concluded that i cant fix it with my current possession. So, i surfed. Its the easiest way to find what you actually require for the job to be done. I never knew where to start then i found this website wikihow. It had this Home and Improvement section.
Unlike other websites then don't just provide you products they provide you with every minor detail you should know about the product.

I finally narrowed down to a power drill, a saw not the big one which they use to cut Large trees. But the tiny electric ones. I also needed a few hand tools to tinker with the worn out cupboard. I started with the Hinges. I had cordless power drill it was very exciting to work with all these tools from which i was banned when i was kid. The cupboard was fixed in no time. With all the accessories fixing the cupboard is fun after all.


ApocalypsE said...

I think I ll buy some tools and start fixing my broken chair...