Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Everyone knows, if you buy a cheap earphone, one plug in the pair will stop working in a few days. The day came. The next day i woke up trying to recollect my dream. No good. Brought back the computer from standby mode. Utorrent 1.5 GB downloaded. No Good. I'm still the sleepy-walky zone, i forgot that i still have the stereo which is now on a mono mode . Clicked on the Windows media player-> playlist-> Shuffle-> play. The very first song James Blunt - Same Mistake. My friend hooked me up with this song. Too Good. I'm slightly monoaural in the morning. I took a ear bud and moved it towards my right ear to plug it in. Half a way the malfunctioning earplugs flashed before my eyes. I cannot stop now, its too close, i prayed 'God let this be it'. Fraction of seconds later "So while i'm turning in my sheets"..... Luck!