Reverse Psychology

Friday, July 17, 2009

It was dimly lit avenue. The sound of the rusted crank set produced a periodic screeching sound echoing through the silent night. There was absolutely nothing going around. Everything was still and mute except for the cold breeze producing a light hizz as it reverberated my ear. The break pad now had a tight hold on the rim, An involuntary brake. I can hear her from a distance. She was marking her boundaries with a confrontational howl. I recollected. She gave birth to two cute puppies a couple of days ago. She is paranoid about Humans stealing her loved ones. She lived under a shade of stairway of a individual house. Ever since she gave birth, none passed by house without being chased or being barked at. If it was pedestrian she would tail slowly behind them to a certain vicinity from the house. If it was anyone who rides a bike or bicycle, they will have to lift their feet up and keep it on the top tube or tank, to avoid a torn pant. I been there i have had my feet on the top tube. I started pedaling again. My forehead broke a sweat. I was in the danger zone. She came running out mad as ever, barking. Then i did something which i'm still unsure about how if felt when i did it. I got down, then yelled "Adi serruppaala naye" roughly translated "Do you have a problem bi***ch". She stalled i can see the change in expression on her face. Fear crept into her eyes. She backed off and ran to her puppies. I'm "barked at" free since then. I hope some day she will tell her kids the scary story about that one time that how a random two legged creature barked back at her and she chickened out. Reverse Psychology, it works on a K9 sense too.


ApocalypsE said...

Damn good dude... adl serupale naaye... priceless... :D