Record Time

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It was today i realised that simulation of human brain is impossible. Why.? Read below

I lost my negative of my passport size photograph. I went to place i took the photo. I remembered that they had archives of the customers pictures. If you want a copy from the archive you need a unique number which they write on the envelope, very envelope which had the negative, which was now no where to be found. So I have to either recall the number or search for my face in a pool of 4000 other strangers. I went for the second choice.

I started from the bottom. I spotted myself in approximately 3 mins. My id was 1088.

If Guinness people were there at that spot, i would have a crescent with a star above it in my cupboard by now... ;)


ApocalypsE said...

that was a indeed a record... :)

lucky said...

i wud say a simulation of ur brain is impossible!! ;)