a day in a bugs life

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Flying all day collecting nectar exhaustion came over, forced him to find a place to rest, he found one in the berry orchid. He knew it was safe; he looked like a berry when he contained himself in his wings. He fell asleep on a soft leaf.
Princess of the state had wonderful day, and decided to spend the rest in the berry orchid. To her berry orchid was a pleasant experience. One among her friends suggested the berries were a heavenly relish. They started collecting berries in a while.
She collected the ripest berries and was looking for her last pick. Princess found one lying on a leaf. She gave it a place on her palm.
He woke up to find himself on a flower. It was more exuberant than a Lilly yet more absorbing than a rose. He resumed his work, collecting nectar.
She felt something grazing her palm. It was the berry. Growing keen she took a closer look at the berry. Her breath browsed over it.
He felt a warm breeze, and looked up on the sky to look for a change in weather. He was astonished to see the moon so close. Bewildered to see the moon falling he flew away.