If i ever found you again...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Never would have thought,
That I'd be this wrought
In the face of love
I had everything running above
My heart is so heavy
Don't want you to leave
My chest's is now on a uncontrolled heave
I know, i had been late, i can see
But the next time darling,
I will find thee;
Court thee;
And be Everything that you wanted me to be.
Will take you on whirl wind ride
Don't care anymore about my pride dear
That is all, i got nothing to hide.


Monday, January 6, 2014

A very fine evening it was. Two best friends catching up on their lives at school snipping on snow cones. They have been friends for a long time, almost their entire lives. There were times when he was scared that she might give her cooties, but that phase, passed. She was going on and on about some guy she had a crush on, not his favorite part of their conversation and something came up, a blotch of blueberry essence. It has managed to escape the snowy layers and has reached to just the right spot where one can take a fine bite. Nothing was on his mind other than having that blotch for himself. He went for it. just when she said dibs on the blueberry blotch. Now, they got caught up in an argument he said he had his bite so it’s fair.She was defending it with a story of how dibs came into existence and how it meant he should have stopped. The fight got petty they started calling dibs on snacks that they had for the evening. She called dibs and the guy bit and licked some to gross her out. It all came down to that one final box of cookies. A tug of war started on the cookies she was on couch giving it all the strength she gained from her physical training and him, sitting on the floor and just trying to hold on to packet. Not much the cookie box can take, it gave up. She went for nose down. He caught her just in time. He has never held her this close before. Something just happened it felt right and he kissed her and said 'dibs'!